KC Homestead


Payment Options


KC Homestead offers a Lease to Own program for Mobile Homes

Go ahead and read that again.  We offer you the opportunity to skip the banks for a traditional loan and head straight into home-ownership. 

A few things about our process:

  • Bad credit or lack of credit is NOT a problem for us.  We consider any and all credit situations.
  • Your income must support the house payment, and your income can be from employment, SSI, pension or other provable methods.
  • You will need some money down.  The amount is determined by the cost of the home, so we will let you know when you inquire on a specific home.

A few things about our homes: 

  • They are already located in mobile home parks in the Kansas City, KS area and we will not move them for you.  After you have paid them off, they are yours to keep and you can move them as needed. 
  • They are sold in "as is" condition and if they come with appliances, we cannot guarantee or repair them if something happens during your lease.
  • You are required to obtain approval from the mobile home park before we will sign a contract with you.

The first step is to contact us to see what homes are available.  The homes that we have are constantly changing, so call us to see what we have.  You can also get ahold of us by clicking on "Contact" link at the top of the page and filling out the contact form.

Housing Options

We want you to fall in love with your building!  In most cases, this is an extension of your home and represents your hard earned money.  Why not make it exactly what you want?

We know that not everyone has the same financial status, so we have options for everyone! 

The simplicity of the utility style building is one of the biggest selling points.  Available with or without a loft, this building creates the possibility for you to use nearly every square inch!

Utility Buildings

The ageless style of the barn building makes this one of the most popular buildings that we sell.  There are several styles available.