As you can see, we really do want to help you create your own masterpiece.  We even have other options for you to choose from.

Do you want to add a few windows to your building? 

2X3 windows are $75 each and 3X3 windows are $100 each. 

Do you need a ramp?

Ramps for a 4' door are just $100, and if you need a bit bigger for a 6' door, we can do that for just $125.

You want more doors?  No problem!

36" Solid door..............$200

Lite 36" door................$250

Extra Wooden doors.....$75

6" roll-up garage door...$425

9" roll-up garage door...$500

Paint Color Options

Looking at the body of your building, you have options! Do you love the natural, treated look of the building?  Or do you want to paint your building to match your house?  When choosing one of the Sherwin Williams options from below, there is no extra price to choose to have your building painted. If you don't see the color you want, we can do any other Sherwin Williams paint.  The charge for a color not shown below is $50 per color.

Shingle Roofing Color Options

Metal Roofing Color Options

When choosing the roofing of your building, you will want to consider where this building will be located.  Consider if it's possible that your building will be subjected to elements like hail or falling tree branches.  This will help you decide what will be best for you. 

 While looking at the pictures on our home page, you may have noticed that some of the buildings have shingle roofs, while others have metal roofing.  The great news is that you have the option to choose not only your roofing style, but also your color.  

When choosing from the styles and colors below, there is no extra charge to you!


Roofing Options

We want you to love your investment!  We have several options for you to make it your own!