About KC Homestead, LLC
HC Homestead, LLC. was established in 2011 with the mission of providing affordable, safe housing in the Wyandotte and Johnson county area. KC Homestead provides clean, safe, affordable housing to every day folks, just like you and me, who may be on a budget, have bumps and bruises on their credit or never thought home ownership was a possibility due to circumstances that may prevent them from getting a regular "Bank Loan". Our goal is to make it easy and fun to attain home ownership with our easy terms "Lease to Own Program."

We understand the everyday "Rat Race" that most of you are going through just to provide for your families and to have a place to live for you and your family...we get it. That is why we do what we do.

It is our passion to help as many people as possible attain the "American Dream" of home ownership.
Contact us now to find out how easy it really is.

We are here to help!

Thank you from all of us on the KC Homestead, LLC team.
KC Homestead 11540 Kaw Dr Bonner Springs, KS 66111 Phone: 913-441-0071 Mike Reid mike@kchomestead.com Becky Bystrom becky@kchomestead.com Sandra Reid sandra@kchomestead.com "We make home ownership a reality" Let KC Homestead help you achieve the "American Dream"...home ownership!!!