Rent to Own Mobile Homes Missouri and Kansas

What We Do:

We buy mobile homes, repair them (if needed) and "Lease to Own" them. Pretty simple :)

Who We Help:

Anyone that has income that would support the payment associated with the home price. In other word's we do not let someone purchase a mobile home that does not fit into their budget.

What about bad credit or no credit?

No problem...if you can prove your ability (proof of income) example; Job, SSI, Disability, Pension and the payment fits into the budget we can help. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, tax liens, charge-offs, repossession is ok? Yes...we consider any and all credit situations.

Do I have to have money down? most cases you do have to have something down.

Is this rent to own? is "Lease to Own" which works very much the same.

How do I get approved?
Easy...1st click on the (Contact Us) tab at the top of the page and we will contact you to start the Quick Approval Application.
Rent to own mobile homes